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Health West Norfolk.

Health West Norfolk (formally known as West Norfolk Health) formed in 2006 in response to NHS England’s commitment to invest in ‘at-scale’ provision of health services with the aim of widening the pool of health professionals working in general practice and transforming the efficiency of traditional pathways.

About us

Our Context


We are a GP Provider Organisation (GPPO) in West Norfolk

Based in King’s Lynn, we are a GP Provider Organisation (GPPO) primarily focused on West Norfolk. We provide services on behalf of our members, made up of 21 GP practices, representing a patient population of 185,000. 

We support them in proactively meeting the primary care needs of the local community by coordinating efforts and representing them at regional and national forums.

Our mission is to deliver sustainable, clinically-excellent health services for the communities we support.

We do this by specialising in three core areas:

We support GP practices with transformation. We facilitate local transformation on behalf of and for our members. We do this by focusing on GP practices’ needs and supporting them with the introduction and maintenance of new ways of working to sustain high quality service delivery, as outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

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We deliver primary care services at scale. Our strength as a collective is in enabling economies of scale and efficiency by running services for the region when it makes sense to coordinate activities via a central hub.

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We provide back office support. We provide the back office infrastructure to support Primary Care Networks (PCNs), as needed. PCNs are the new integrated way of delivering primary and community care. For example, we help employ staff, manage the funds on behalf of GP practices and specialise in administrative, project management and leadership support for those who request it.

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About West Norfolk

West Norfolk encompasses both the Wash coast, the only place on the East Coast of England where the sunsets into the sea, and inland rolling countryside with historic market towns and the renowned Sandringham estate. We operate across traditional seaside locations like Hunstanton, as well as the main town of Kings Lynn, where our head office is based. In the west of the region the land flattens out and merges into Fenland. It’s a diverse region featuring urban deprived areas, through to more affluent villages and towns and quiet rural areas where agriculture is the main way of life.

Did you know?

West Norfolk has a higher than average older population and number of care home residents versus the rest of the UK.
Parts of West Norfolk are the most deprived in the country, which brings with it significant health inequalities across the borough.
This means GPs in the area are struggling to cope with rising demand, working harder, over longer hours to provide the care needed.

Regional challenges and opportunities for change

As a result of this unique perspective, Health West Norfolk aims to help the region’s GP practices build resilience and sustainable operations to cope with current and future healthcare needs. 

Our mandate is to enable new ways of working and models of care which overcome some of the challenges faced by the UK health economy - from falling recruitment, rising early retirement and funding cuts.
This requires innovation and agility, so we’ve piloted and rolled out our service offering to align with NHS England’s commitment to modernising healthcare provision at scale.

Find out more about the NHSE Long Term Plan here
Find out more about the GPFV here
Find out more about the Primary Care Networks here

About us

Our Vision


Our vision is to be the voice of primary care in West Norfolk, renowned for proactively supporting their delivery needs to ensure the best health outcomes for the local community.

We exist to facilitate collaboration and service delivery at scale to:

We aim to:

Reduce local health inequalities
Support the community with prevention initiatives
Facilitate a digitally-enabled primary care system
Transform ‘out-of-hospital’ care and support fully integrated community-based care
Reduce the pressure on our system partners
Increase the focus on managing population health and understanding the wider determinants of good health

Our Strategy

To achieve our vision, our strategy is focused on the following three-year goals to 2023:

Financial & Contractual

Expand our contract portfolio to self-fund our transformational activity
Implement digital solutions to enable cross organisational hub working
Support PCNs to digest and implement the latest contractual requirements

Member Services

Provide a clinical sessions bank to support practice workforce resiliance
Audit our available estates and facilitate co-location or other innovative responses where appropriate.
Engage and understand our member practices to represent their needs


Explore provision of appropriate pathways within the community, keeping more people out of hospital
Explore provision of a home-visiting service
Capitalise on our expertise in referral management to support pathway efficiency e.g. reduction of wait times


Evolve our organisational structure in light of demand and direction
Support and develop our staff.
Rebrand and overhaul our website (done!)

About us

Our Governance & Structure

Our Board

To contact an individual member of our board, please use our contact form

Contact Us

Dr Leena Deol

Board Member | Chair of Integrated Risk and Governance Committee

Leena qualified from Imperial College in 1998 and has been a GP since 2003. She has a specialist interest in Dermatology..

David Brammer

Board Member | Chair of Finance and Performance Committee

David has been a Director of Health West Norfolk since 2009..

Chris Harrison

Non-Executive Director

Chris has 20 years experience in creating and developing start-up companies..

Our Committees

Finance and Performance Committee

Responsible for scrutinising our financial performance and management, and oversee our delivery against each service contract.

Integrated Risk and Governance Committee

Oversees our risk management and clinical governance.

Remuneration Committee

Responsible for HR policies and procedures, staff remuneration and significant appointments.

Innovation and Investment Committee

Advises us on how to best invest in our members equally, innovatively and with integrity.

Our Leadership Team

Contact Us

Helen Ramage


Helen joined Health West Norfolk in November 2020.

Alison Lowe


Alison joined Health West Norfolk in 2011.

In addition,  Health West Norfolk has a wonderful team of staff working together to achieve our shared aims.

Operations Team

Our Operations Team manage and administer our commissioned contracts, ensuring patients and members experience a seamless and reliable service.

Clinical Teams

We have teams of clinicians and Allied Health Professionals delivering services within our member practices. These include Clinical Pharmacists, social prescribers, physician associates - With the investment going into PCNs, the skills mix is set to grow and diversify significantly over the next few years.

Clinical Governance

Members of staff engaged in the provision of clinical services have appointed clinical supervisors, and their work is regularly audited. The Health West Norfolk Integrated Risk and Governance committee provide clinical oversight, reviewing any serious incidents and complaints, making recommendations if required.

Care Quality Commission

Health West Norfolk does not currently run any services which require CQC registration.

Our Members

Click on the individual member's bio below to find out more about them and their contact details.


Swaffham, Necton & Narborough

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Oak Farm

Swaffham, Necton & Narborough

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Howdale Surgery

Howdale Surgery, Howdale Road, Downham Market, PE38 9AF

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

The Hollies

Downham Market Health Centre, Paradise Road, Downham Market, PE389JE

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Bridge Street Surgery

Bridge Street Surgery, 30/32 Bridge Street, Downham Market, PE38 9DH

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Manor Farm

Swaffham, Necton & Narborough

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Plowright Swaffham

Plowright Swaffham, 1 Jack Boddy Way, Swaffham, PE37 7HJ

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Campingland Surgery

Campingland Surgery, Swaffham, PE37 7RD

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Litcham Health Centre

Litcham Health Centre, Manor Drive King's Lynn, PE32 2NW

PCN: Swaffham & Downham

Boughton Surgery

Boughton Surgery, Chapel Rd, Boughton, King's Lynn, PE33 9AG

PCN: Fens & Brecks

Feltwell Surgery

Feltwell Surgery, Old Brandon Road, Feltwell, Thetford, IP26 4AY

PCN: Fens & Brecks

Watlington Medical Centre

Watlington Surgery, Rowan Close, Watlington, King's Lynn, PE33 0TU,

PCN: Fens & Brecks

Upwell Health Centre

Upwell Health Centre, Townley Close, Upwell, Wisbech, PE14 9BT

PCN: Fens & Brecks

St John’s Surgery

St John's Surgery, Main Road, Terrington St John, Wisbech, PE14 7RR

PCN: Fens & Brecks

St Clement’s Surgery

St Clement’s Surgery, Village Health, Churchgate Way, Terrington St Clement, Kings Lynn, PE34 4LZ

PCN: Fens & Brecks

Vida Healthcare, Hunstanton Medical Practice 

Hunstanton Medical Practice, Valentine Road, Hunstanton, PE36 5DN

PCN: Coastal

Vida Healthcare, Carole Brown Health Centre 

Carole Brown Health Centre, St. Nicholas Court, Church Lane, Dersingham, PE31 6GZ

PCN: Coastal

Snettisham Surgery

Snettisham Surgery, Common Road, Snettisham, King’s Lynn, PE31 7PE

PCN: Coastal


Heacham Surgery, 45 Station Road, Heacham, Kings Lynn, PE31 7EX

PCN: Coastal

Burnham Market

The Burnhams Surgery 1 Creake Road Burnham Market Kings Lynn Norfolk PE31 8EN

PCN: Coastal


Grimston Medical Centre, Congham Road, Grimston, King’s Lynn, PE32 1DW

PCN: Coastal

Gt Massingham & Docking

Bayfield Surgery, High Street, Docking, King’s Lynn, PE31 8NH

PCN: Coastal

Gt Massingham & Docking

Great Massingham Surgery, Station Road, Great Massingham, King's Lynn, PE32 2JQ

PCN: Coastal

Southgates & The Woottons Surgeries

The Woottons Surgery, Spring Cottage, Priory Lane, North Wootton, King's Lynn, PE30 3PT

PCN: King's Lynn

Southgates & The Woottons Surgeries

Southgates Medical Centre, 41 Goodwins Road, King's Lynn, PE30 5QX,

PCN: King's Lynn

St James Surgery

St James Medical Practice, County Court Road, King’s Lynn, PE30 5SY

PCN: King's Lynn

Vida Healthcare, Gayton Road branch.

Gayton Road Health Centre, Gayton Road, King's Lynn, PE30 4DY

PCN: King's Lynn

Vida Healthcare, Fairstead Branch

Fairstead Surgery, Centre Point, King's Lynn, PE30 4SR

PCN: King's Lynn

Vida Healthcare St Augustine's Branch

St Augustine's Surgery, Columbia Way, King's Lynn, PE30 2LB 

PCN: King's Lynn