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We are a GP Provider Organisation (GPPO) in West Norfolk

Based in King’s Lynn, we are a GP Provider Organisation (GPPO) primarily focused on West Norfolk. We provide services on behalf of our members, made up of 21 GP practices, representing a patient population of 185,000. 

We support them in proactively meeting the primary care needs of the local community by coordinating efforts and representing them at regional and national forums. Based on our experience of delivering best practice in West Norfolk over a number of years, we are now also able to offer our services nationally.

Our mission is to deliver sustainable, clinically-excellent health services for the communities we support.

We do this by specialising in three core areas:

We support GP practices with transformation.We facilitate local transformation on behalf of and for our members. We do this by focusing on GP practices’ needs and supporting them with the introduction and maintenance of new methods of high quality service delivery, as outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

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We deliver primary care services at scale.Our strength as a collective is in enabling economies of scale and efficiency by running services for the region when it makes sense to coordinate activities via a central hub.

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We provide back office support.We provide the back office infrastructure to support Primary Care Networks (PCNs), as needed. PCNs are the new integrated way of delivering primary and community care. For example, we help employ staff, manage the funds on behalf of GP practices and specialise in administrative, project management and leadership support for those who request it.

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