How we deliver services at scale:

Agile implementation. Due to our membership model, we can respond to complex service changes and help practices in the region mobilise. We do this through our communication channels between practices and our committed and supportive board.
Primary care services. We’re able to deliver primary care services where it is sensible for one organisation to take the lead on behalf of many. See our current services here.
Tackling issues. We pride ourselves in addressing issues which can only be resolved through combined resources and the weight of a collective group.
Affordable infrastructure. We provide affordable and flexible access to management, skills and expertise that individual practices may find difficult to sustain themselves or they might only need in part.
Encouraging collaboration. We work as facilitators and drive a culture of openness, transparency and democratic decision making.

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    We deliver primary care
    services at scale.

    Our strength as a collective is in enabling economies of scale and efficiency by running services for the region when it makes sense to
    coordinate activities via a central hub.