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We are here to support patients in accessing high quality
primary care to ensure the best health outcomes.

How do we help?

We help coordinate the needs of the community in West Norfolk with local GP Practices to provide personalised, patient-centred care pathways.

Working together for patients. We represent 21 GP Practices in the region who collectively care for 185,000 patients. With this collaboration, we’re able to help deliver and plan for healthcare needs now and in the future. Patients can always contact us directly to feedback on their experience here.
Equality of care. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with all regional practices, and the representative GPs and Managers on our Board ensure we maintain high standards and fairness for everyone in the communities that we serve.
Our connectivity supports patient-centred care. We aim to make the experience of healthcare as smooth as possible and represent a single point of contact for other providers to work with primary care.  Within the newly formed Integrated Care System we are able to facilitate stronger working relationships, focus on data integration to improve communication across services and support the troubleshooting as each organisation adjusts to new ways of working.  

Patient feedback on Social Prescribing support:

You are such a great help” 

I couldn’t have done all this without you” 

Jackie and the Wellbeing counsellor have both been amazing support in enabling me to retrain my brain again. Both allowed me to be open and honest, they did not judge but helped me to help myself.” 

When the doctor suggested your service I wasn’t sure what help you would be, but you have been a great help, it has been good to talk to someone about my health issues, thank you.”

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How can we help?

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